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Re-Engaging Buyers with Facebook Remarketing

26.08.2023 | General

Increase Your Sales with Facebook Remarketing

How often have you purchased a product or service based solely on the first ad you’ve seen? Probably not very often, as statistics show that only about 2% of website visitors who click on the initial ad make a purchase decision during their first site visit. But what about the remaining 98% of clickers? This is where digital sales funnels come into play. Digital sales funnels are designed for this majority who didn’t make a purchase decision. The customer journey from the first encounter with a product or service to making a purchase decision is often a multi-stage process. To manage this process effectively, it’s crucial to be prepared for every stage of it. The question is, how can we facilitate the customer’s purchasing process through digital channels?

Maximize the Potential of Facebook’s Tracking Tools

On Facebook, the diverse tracking and targeting tools provide the opportunity to create and leverage various audience segments among potential customers in different stages of the purchasing process. You can precisely determine who you want to introduce your product to and whose purchasing intentions you want to reinforce. Audience segments progressing through different stages of the purchasing process can be defined through website conversions and clicks. By generating various conversions, customers move forward in the purchasing process, eventually leading to a purchase.

In Facebook, an extremely effective method for advancing customers in the purchasing process is to use Facebook remarketing campaigns. Remarketing allows you to continuously guide customers closer to making a purchase by observing their completed conversions and steering them based on their latest action. Remarketing benefits both smaller and larger companies alike, aiming to convert potential customers interested in their products and services into buyers.

How to Find the Best Target Audiences?

It all starts with dissecting your own customer’s purchasing process within Facebook remarketing. Dividing the purchasing process into stages and creating audience segments based on these stages is the first step towards a productive retargeting campaign. A good starting point is to create Custom Audiences on Facebook from website visitors who have previously interacted with your site.

Effectively Utilize Target Audiences

Creating target audiences effectively doesn’t stop at collecting website visitors from your site. For instance, in an e-commerce setting, you can create multiple target audiences based on various conversions. You can segment e-commerce conversions into audiences made up of customers who added items to their shopping carts or those who viewed specific products. In the early stages of advertising, it’s wise not to rush when it comes to your target audiences. Building them up takes time and money. Target audiences with fewer than 1000 people might struggle to yield significant results or provide substantial data on the effectiveness of the advertising. I recommend that those using Custom Audiences focus on driving consistent and ample visitor traffic to their site. The more visitors, the better!

Hands on campaign examples of utilizing remarketing

Traffic Campaign

This campaign is designed to attract the largest possible audience to your site, seeking your products or services. Website visitors are the primary audience, from which potential buyers are later refined through various remarketing campaigns and conversion paths. To maximize visitors and clicks, these campaigns should be created on Facebook using the Traffic objective.

Facebook Remarketing Campaign 1

The first remarketing campaign should be directed towards people who have visited your website, from whom you can easily create an audience segment, for example, over a 30-day period. At this point, you should think about the next logical low-threshold action that you can offer the customer to take. It could be subscribing to an email newsletter or adding a product to the cart. Fishing for such a ‘softer’ conversion works particularly well as an intermediate step in the purchasing process, especially if your product requires customers to take some time to consider the purchase.

Facebook Remarketing Campaign 2

Depending on your product or service, you may only need a traffic campaign and a purchase campaign to boost your sales. Once your website has accumulated enough visitors, you can directly target website visitors with a campaign aimed at directly increasing sales. Sales can be best achieved by setting the Purchase conversion as the campaign objective in Facebook’s settings. In these direct campaigns, you can stimulate purchase intent by adding elements like a discount code to the ad, visible only to those who have previously visited your site.

Test What Works and Use It!

In the end, retargeting is about finding the right messages and their timing. With these simple guidelines, you should get a good start in finding effective components for your marketing. It’s also largely about how you guide your customers to perform new conversions at different stages of the purchasing process, constantly approaching the point of purchase. Assembling a sales funnel requires patience and can involve quite a few pieces. Traffic campaigns and retargeting should together form a clear and easily navigable path for your customers, which also supports your sales objectives.


Facebook Remarketing

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