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Understanding Instagrams Algorithm 2023

2.09.2023 | General

While most social media platforms primarily rely on algorithms to display content to users, Instagram is no exception. The better you understand how Instagram’s algorithm works, the more effectively you can leverage it for purposes such as growing your business or personal account.

What is Instagram’s Algorithm?

In a nutshell, Instagram’s algorithm can be described as a set of rules that determine which content gets visibility. However, Instagram employs multiple algorithms that function differently across various sections of the app. This means that, for instance, the algorithm for your feed operates differently from the one for the Explore page.

How Does the Feed and Stories Algorithm Work?

Over time, Instagram has observed that users prefer to see posts from their friends and close contacts in their feeds. The primary ranking of posts in the feed and stories is quite straightforward—it prioritizes posts from accounts you follow. After posts from followed accounts, “signals” come into play, helping Instagram decide which posts to show you. These signals can include factors like the post’s subject, the account that posted it, or the time it was published. While there are thousands of signals, Instagram considers the following to be the most important when evaluating feed and stories:

  • Post Details: This includes factors like the post’s popularity, content type (image or video), and its duration if it’s a video.
  • User Profile Details: Information about the person who posted the content, including your level of interaction with their account.
  • Your Activity: Signals from your own actions on the platform, such as the types of posts you’ve liked.
  • Past Interactions: Your past interactions with various accounts provide insight into your potential interest in seeing their posts in the future.

These and many other signals help Instagram predict which posts are most relevant to individual users. Essentially, all your interactions with posts feed the algorithm, with a strong emphasis on how long you engage with a post, whether you comment, like, save, or visit the poster’s profile. There are some exceptions, though, such as content that violates rules and misinformation, which have restricted visibility.

How Does the Explore Page Algorithm Work?

The Explore page’s purpose is to help users discover interesting new accounts. Instagram fills this page with various videos and images that it predicts users will find appealing. Unlike the feed or stories, the Explore page mostly contains content from accounts you don’t follow. The Explore algorithm relies on past data regarding the types of posts you’ve liked or commented on. Here are the key signals used:

  • Post Details: These include factors like the post’s popularity and trending status, which carry more weight on the Explore page compared to the feed or stories.
  • Past Interaction with the Poster: Your previous interactions with the account that posted the content and how you’ve engaged with their posts.
  • Your Activity: Information about the types of posts you’ve engaged with on the Explore page.
  • User Profile Details: Insights into the popularity or trending status of the account.

How Does the Reels Algorithm Work?

Instagram’s Reels aim to entertain users, primarily featuring content from creators you don’t follow. Instagram ranks Reels based on how engaging it believes you’ll find them. The main prediction Instagram seeks to make about Reels viewers is whether they’ll watch a Reel to the end. Here are some of the signals the algorithm uses for content distribution:

  • Your Activity: How you’ve interacted with posts in the past, such as leaving comments or likes.
  • Past Interaction with the Poster: Your previous interactions with the account posting the Reel.
  • Reel Details: This includes factors like the audio track, the visual content of the video frames, and whether the video is popular.
  • User Profile Details: Information about the popularity or trending status of the account posting the Reel.

How Can You Influence What You See?

The best way to influence what you see on Instagram is to engage with posts you like and interact with accounts whose content you want to see more of. When it comes to suggested posts, you can also use the “Not Interested” option if a post doesn’t align with your interests. Additionally, you can select your close friends on Instagram, whose posts will be prioritized in your feed. The more information you provide about your preferences and the more actively you use Instagram and its features, the better Instagram can tailor your feed to your liking.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, Instagram’s algorithm aims to serve each user content that aligns with their preferences. By doing so, it keeps users engaged with the app for longer periods, benefiting both organic and paid content, as advertisers pay for each view. While Meta, the company behind Instagram, profits significantly from ad views, many other businesses also invest heavily in advertising on Instagram. In terms of the algorithm, it’s ultimately about a business where money talks.

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